Sunday, September 4, 2011

Foxes Guarding the Hen House: Sedition in High Places

Anywhere you find power in our society you will find its abuse. And where power is sufficient, they will inevitably be structured to police themselves so as to further secure their power. Police use their own Internal Affairs departments to “police” themselves; lawyers write ethics rules for themselves; legislators make laws to effectively pay off select constituents who donate enough to help them stay in power…and the list goes on.
Taking this truism into account, the framers of the Constitution of the United States structured the different branches of government and the power of the states to purposefully dilute and frustrate the tendency of power to be abused. The theory is that the less centralized the power, the less chance for abuse.
The goal: freedom. Freedom from the oppression of a select few who have delusions of grandeur and think they are better than the rest. These are the elitists. These are the ones who this government was built to protect against. And these are the ones who have most of the power in America at the time of this writing, 235 years later. Today they are called liberals or socialists.
These elitists, or liberals, understandably do not respect the Constitution or its principles. The Constitution is antithetical to their cause. Socialism and capitalism do not mix; they are like oil and water.
These are not specious accusations of a right wing conspiracy theorist; it is being proven daily in the open and on the record for anyone to see. However disconcerting this may be, it is undeniable: you are living in an historical time where the freedom of the people of the United States are under assault from “enemies within”.

While Treason cases are far and few between due to the competing issues of protection of the U.S. and protection from political repression, it can be argued that the degree of threat to the survival of the U.S. under its Constitution should be a preeminent factor in determining a policy to address the problem.
Citizens should remain protected from scurrilous repression of political free speech by use of Treason law. That is understood. However, when members of the House or Senate, or a President, explicitly espouse and implement a course of policy which is injurious to the existence of the U.S. as it is defined by its Constitution, they should at least be impeached. After all, there is a reason they are all required to take an oath to uphold the Constitution before they are allowed to officially hold their elected position. They are in a position of affecting the substance of the U.S. government and they should therefore be held to a narrower standard than the citizenry with regard to sedition.

A step forward with this policy needs to come from us. See for protecting our "hens."


  1. The constitution was put in place to protect us from those that have the power to change it so we can't be protected by it? I just love this country, want my daughter & her future children to know the America I have known. If someone doesn't stop this government nonsense now, none will be able to.